About me

I've been teaching a combination of Art, Photography and Design & Technology for the last 10 years in 3 different schools in the UK and Asia. I began my teaching career in a mixed comprehensive school in Surrey before spending the last 6 years in China and Vietnam as Head of Department.

The students I've had the pleasure of teaching have never failed to surprise me with their creative flair and artistic ability. This website showcases numerous examples of their work over the last 10 years.

Click the links below for examples of my own work. This includes exemplars from teaching as well as examples of my own personal work.

Art Teaching Philosophy


Art is something to be enjoyed, experienced and created by all and I believe everyone, regardless of age and ability can be creative. As an Art & Design teacher, I aim to help students discover their creativity and nurture it as they progress in school and as individuals.

The beliefs I hold as an Art and Design teacher mirror my own philosophy as an Artist whilst also bearing strong similarities to the IB Diploma Visual Arts specification.


I have always valued the importance of experimenting with different media, techniques and processes as way of developing my own Art practice. My passion lies in the creative process; developing and refining an idea with a balance of knowledge, skill, and risk taking. Whilst the acquisition of a new skill is important, taking risks with Art & Design is vital when creating unique and original outcomes. My students are consistently encouraged to take these risks and use sketchbooks to document the creative process. Students take pride in their artistic journey and value what different Artists and Art practices from different cultures can bring to their own work. Each lesson, project and homework is planned to include a degree of guidance and instruction whilst giving the opportunity for students to experiment and explore their own ideas. This often involves choice with scale, process and composition whilst remaining within the boundaries of the given task. 

Everyone is an Artist

Creativity and problem solving skills learned through Art & Design are incredibly useful across different disciplines in school and beyond.  For this reason, every student I teach is considered an Artist. As an Art teacher this involves nurturing a student’s creativity and providing opportunities for independent learning. It is vital that each student in my class is treated as an individual, each with their own skill set, range of ideas and opportunities to explore their own personal outcome. My own skills in drawing, painting, design, sculpture and photography allow me to provide students with the knowledge and understanding required to develop further in higher education and future careers. As each student progresses in school, I am aware and sensitive to their desire to specialise in a particular Art making practice. It is important to support student’s development with this whilst ensuring they remain open to and continue to work on a broad range on art making practices.


Art is a way of experiencing and discovering the world in which we live and understanding different cultural ideas and values. Contemporary and traditional Artists and Designers are key components to each lesson and project I teach. Students are encouraged to analyse artists’ ideas, techniques and intentions as a way of forming their own opinion. Furthermore, I encourage students to think carefully about the way their own ideas and intentions are communicated. Students regularly exhibit their own work, experience each other's through peer assessment and visit exhibitions by local and international artists. Students feel safe communicating their ideas in my lessons and regularly review each other's work in a variety of assessment activities as a way of developing their own practice and installing a sense of community in the classroom.

Overall, I truly value the importance of Art & Design education as a way of developing students understanding of the world around them. Art & Design is also incredibly useful for developing a range of life skills required for whatever they choose to pursue after secondary education.